About Us
New Energy Advancement Hub (NEAH) is an EdTech company helping to accelerate the energy transition and reduce emissions.
We promote the adoption of technological innovations for the energy transition and changing energy consumption patterns through innovative education and communication solutions.
* Nēah (old English) — close, near
Our focus
Impact School
Training and mentoring program for professionals willing to unlock their potential in energy transition and decarbonization, enhance your personal growth, pursue new career or business opportunities
NEAH Community
Online education and networking platform that pools the know-how and efforts of MSMEs, local communities, financial organizations, professionals, and enthusiasts
Online courses
Effective forms of e-learning in sustainability, climate and energy transition
About NEAH
NEAH is an EdTech company, which helps to accelerate energy transition and reduce emissions.

We advance adoption of the energy transition technological innovations and to change consumption patterns through innovative education and communication solutions:
Effective forms of e-learning and training for the change agents, which can influence smaller stakeholders on the local level
Online platform for communications and network, synergizing the expertise and efforts of the smaller players (MSMEs, communities, financial organizations, professionals, and enthusiasts), which allows to build “glocal” (global-local) network for cooperation
Online AI-driven framework for applied crowd-research on the topics, which are important for the target audience
Acceleration of the ET startup development and guidance, tracking support and promotion of the new energy projects, adopting the new technologies
As IEA warns, world`s clean energy transition is still too slow to meet Paris Agreement goals. How can we change it?

If you take a closer look at the energy transition stakeholders, you can see that a lot is happening on the international and national level (Top-Down approach), while local stakeholders - individuals, MSMEs, municipalities, etc. are not completely engaged in the transition.
Individual preferences and collective behaviours may support – or hinder – low-carbon and renewable energy production and consumption. The share of the consumers who are willing to pay a premium for low-carbon and renewable energy solutions among MSMEs and individuals is still rather low, and their knowledge of the subject remain limited. Increasing demand for energy, volatile prices for fossil fuels and growing competitiveness of the clean energy solutions is creating more favorable environment for the energy transition, but many final consumers are simply not aware about the benefits of these new opportunities. Our goal is to change their perception and energy consumption patterns.
Prof. Dr. Tatiana Mitrova
NEAH Founder
NEAH Community
Subscription-based online hub
Boost your influence, upgrade your network and get most updated trends
For Energy Transition enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses
Platform and online events bridge gaps between members, fostering knowledge-sharing, potential collaborations and partnerships.
Diverse Conversations
Moderated discussions, webinars, podcasts, non-conferences, hackatons, business games, strategic sessions, etc., creating a forum for vibrant intellectual exchange on ET topics.
Learning Opportunities
Knowledge based exclusive webinars provide continual learning, enhancing professional competence. We provide reliable information about the actual situation in the field and help navigate additional learning opportunities.
Community participation fee
Start navigating new energy trends and build your new energy network
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Our news
    Basic Energy Management Course
    Basic understanding of personal energy management tips – how to reduce energy consumption and costs without sacrificing comfort
    Comprehensive workbook template
    Practical outcomes: analyze and manage household energy consumption and reduce your bills
    ... of the complex world of energy management in a user-friendly manner. Learn key aspects of building energy consumption and its optimization.
    Learn Fundamentals
    ...of energy management in engaging lessons: identify low-hanging fruit opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, optimizing energy supply, and improving energy performance by using energy management tools and new green technologies.
    New Energy Impact School
    Define personal goals and create personal strategy, implementing energy transition in your career
    12-week online training to unlock your potential in energy transition and decarbonization and boost personal growth, pursue new career or business opportunities
    6 personal mentoring session with world leading energy expert with academic and board experience
    Implement your energy transition impact and promotion strategy:
    — get access to the closed stream of everyday energy transition, decarbonization and climate lessons
    — learning and practicing both hard skills and knowledge in energy transition, decarbonization and climate basics, and soft skills
    — boost your networking and unlock new career opportunities
    — private chat with participants and personal tutor
    — mentoring sessions with individual assignments and deep dive into personal goals and strategy, which helps to overcome personal “grey areas”, psychological barriers and fears and create effective routine
    Daria Ivanova
    А versatile professional with experience in marketing and Edtech projects. Experience in developing partnerships, recruitment processes, events, advertising campaigns, and negotiations
    Vitaly Genarov
    Vitaly has implemented educational intensives "From Idea to Prototype" across 75 Russian universities and actively contributes to project-based education models for universities like NovSU and RUT-MIIT
    Peter Fedin
    MSc in Business Informatics and Technology Entrepreneurship, skills ranging from project-based education to technology entrepreneurship and IT systems requirements engineering
    Yulia Shamis
    Executive with 20 years track record in energy sector, experienced in strategy elaboration for energy and utility companies with particular focus on innovations and energy transition
    Dr. Maria Stepanova
    PhD, certified Energy Management Auditor (ISO 50001), independent expert, researcher, trainer, and advocate in the field of E/ESG
    Anastasia Perdereau
    MA in Political science and 6 years of experience in business education. Anastasia launched 15+ products in the field of climate and energy transition
    Dr. Avidipto Biswas
    PhD in Materials Science, 8-years of R&D experience in the O&G industry, primarily based in the US and the Middle East. MSc in International Energy Affairs, Sciences Po
    Dr. Tatiana Mitrova 
    25 years of experience in dealing with energy markets and profound knowledge of ET. Research Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies
    NEAH Team